About EEP Company

European Embalming Products Company Ltd (EEP CO Ltd) was formed in 2010; it aims to provide a more secure, safe environment for embalmers of today. It endeavours to achieve this by providing a more comprehensive and innovative variety of products including high quality instruments, sundries and of course our excellent range of less fuming preserving fluids.

Patricia and Philippe Dubresson are founders of this company and have been in the embalming industry collectively for twenty five years. They are knowledgeable, resourceful people with a keen interest in providing quality products for a high standard of embalming.

Patricia has taught courses on how to apply cosmetics to the deceased in many places throughout Europe and the UK, whilst Philippe has given lectures and demonstrations throughout Europe, Russia, Australia and the UK.

Both are striving towards better embalming solutions and more safety conscious products for today’s market the foremost way they are achieving this is through the introduction of the product Genelyn.

Genelyn is a well-established and respected brand throughout Australasia and it is slowly building its reputation nationwide. EEP Co Ltd are the sole distributors of these products within Europe. The team at EEP co are happy to answer any of your queries whether it is regarding our products or your cases. We look forward to hearing from you.