Customer Testimonials

Many thanks for your fantastic service”

K. Angel

“Thanks Patricia, doing business with you feels like a cool breeze after having to go through many frustrations with totally unreliable companies in Germany, Holland and the UK. Look forward to working with my new pump”

Martin Beek

“Chris and I are quite simply amazed, the quality is stunning! There are not enough superlatives to describe our reaction to Genelyn, the penetration and distribution qualities are remarkable. As far as I’m concerned it’s the best product I have ever used!

We have used it at different dilution rates (without additives) according to the state of the case we are treating, time and time again the results have been remarkable, even to the extent that the dreaded dehydrated lips syndrome seems to be a thing of the past! Also, the low fuming feature makes it a pleasure to work with, especially the Cavity Fluid.

Our only regret is that we didn’t come to you sooner.

Finally I must pay tribute to Kirsty, with my constant back pain I was feeling a little low on Friday until I rang to place the order with you. Kirsty is an absolute diamond, she lifted my spirits, her polite and cheerful manner made my day, she is a real asset to your business, efficient and thorough. Order was placed at 10:00am Friday and delivered at 10:00am Monday, quite outstanding!

Once again many thanks”

Gary Morgan MOREMCO

Hoping to start a small embalming service,I happened to find eep,what a joy,the help, encouragement and the support from Patricia and Kirsty was terrific.The quality of their supplies perfect in every way,the speed of deliveries is astounding.I am one very happy man........